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Forever Royal


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It was revealed during the super bowl this year that after the amazing post-season ride to the World Series that Kansas City and the Royals had became “Forever Royal.” This season has built a lot of suspense for the Boys in Blue, most fans expect for them to pick up right where they left off.

“The way the season ended was definitely bitter sweet. The team was able to get extremely far in the playoffs, but then we lost. So like I said, bitter sweet,” senior Tyler Uptegrove said.

On February 19th the Kansas City Royals pitchers and catchers reported to Surprise Stadium in Surprise, Arizona for spring training. Twenty-five miles northwest of Phoenix, Surprise Stadium is the Spring Training home to the Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers. Surprise Stadium seats 10,500 fans and is located on a 124-acre site that includes six full practice fields and a half field, as well as a separate clubhouse and office facilities.

The spring training season is where players in Major League Baseball (MLB) go to their training facilities in order to prepare for the up coming season. Each team has sixteen spring training against various teams in the MLB. Before the games begin, the teams will have a chance to practice and get their returning players back into shape, and teach the new players how the program works.

During spring training, players get a chance to hit in the batting cage while the pitchers work in the bullpins to rebuild their muscle memory in their pitching. Since the Royals play in the American League it is very rare for the pitchers to bat in a game situation because of the Designated Hitter (DH) whos job is solely to bat.

“The boys in blue are back baby!” junior Kody Gains said. After two years of playing varsity baseball and playing club ball since he was little, Gains has true love and passion for the game.

“Im looking forward to seeing what the Royals will do this year especially after their amazing post season,” Gains said.

With a new season comes change, weather it is Billy Butler’s contract expiring or Alexander Rios being signed to take Nori Aoki’s starting right field spot after Aoki signed a contract with the San Fransisco Giants.

It is no secret that major league athletes make millions of dollars, but it is unaware to most fans that there are certian bonuses that go along with these contracts.

Royals starting third baseman Mike Moustakas signed a one year contract with the team worth 2.64 million dollars. The teams center fielder Lorenzo Cain signed a contract agreeing to play for the team another year and will make a total of 2.725 million dollars.

Not all of the Royals players signed 2 million dollar contracts. Jarod Dyson, outfielder for the team, was third in the American league for stolen bases with a total of 36 without being picked off or thrown out once. However, with all of these accomplishments the major leaguer is only making 1.225 million dollars. There are two bonuses that are added to Cains contract; if he makes 350 batting apperences this season he will make an additional 250,00 dollars, and if he is chosen to play for the American League in the All Star Game he will make 50,000 dollars.

“I’m estatic that Hosmer is signed back onto the team,” junior Danielle Cawley said. Starting first baseman Eric Hosmer signed a two year contract with the Royals.

Many familar faces will return this season in a hope for another outstanding post season preformance. Such faces include left fielder Alex Gordon, pitcher Brandon Finnegan, second baseman Alcedes Escabar, and catcher Salvador Perez.

There are a lot of high hopes for the upcoming season. Most  fans hope for a back to back World Series apperance from the team while others hope that we do not fizzle out and become last in the divison.

The Kansas City Royals’ opening day is set for April 6th, where they will host the Chicago White Sox and begin the work for hopefully another shocking, jaw-dropping season that will make fans proud to say that they are from Kansas City.

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