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BookSpace: Not your average book club

Ravion Marchbanks, Buzz contributor

October 11, 2011

NKC BookSpace isn’t your average school book club. Anytime a club can gain national attention, you’ve got something major on your hands. The club itself isn’t like the traditional book club. All meetings and discussions...

Northtown survival tips for freshmen

Elizabeth Craig, Design Editor

September 26, 2011

Sometimes being a freshman is hard. The jump from middle school to high school can be stressful or fun depending on how it is approached. Here are some tips from seniors, staff, and teachers so that calls of "STUPID FRESHMAN" ...

Summer adventures at Northtown

Alex Grant, staff writer

September 22, 2011

Summer is a time when kids catch up on their sleep or go on vacations with their families. Students at Northtown do all of these things and more. Some students participate in sports that have practices over the summer. Other...

Farewell Notes from your mentors

May 11, 2011

Teachers have a few words to say to their fellow graduating seniors: From The Theatre Teacher: Dear Class of 2011, I can’t believe it is time to say goodbye to this class.  I have truly enjoyed working with this class...

Hornet News over last 4 years

Anna Thomas, news editor

May 11, 2011

It’s about that time seniors! With just weeks before graduation, seniors take a step back in review of their four years in high school. "I still feel like a freshman sometimes so it is weird to think that I am leaving soon,"...

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