Make Christmas special for that special someone

Jazmyn Holt and Spencer Warman, staff writers

It’s Christmas time again. Time for celebration, food, family and… GIFTS!

Everyone knows what that means, it’s also that time to pick out the perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

We’re talking relationships! What the girls or guys hope to see when they unwrap the most anticipated gift with your name on it.

We’ll go over the do’s and dont’s when it comes to picking out the perfect gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Though boys and girls seem to be complete opposites, when it comes to receiving gifts from that special person we’re all quite similar after all.


When it comes to gifts, girls want to be wowed. They want to be caught off guard and completely surprised.

What do girls want? Something that sparkles perhaps, simply something that warms the heart.

“Jewelry is always a good choice in my opinion. You can wear it every day and it represents you’re relationship and who you’re wearing,” senior Rachel Loggan said.

Girls want to see creativity; a present that goes further than the obvious. Taking an obvious gift and making it an original. That’s exactly what a girl wants to see when we unwrap your present.

Although any present will be appreciated, come on guys, no girl wants a present that takes little to no thought and preparation.

“The worst present a guy can ‘get’ a girl is probably flowers or when they promise to take you out… and never do. Flowers can be given any day and not keeping a promise is a mistake that will follow you throughout your relationship,” senior Tiffany McGaugh said.

If you honestly have no idea what to get your significant other, ask her! Ask her friends, ask her family, ask someone. Hearing ideas on what we want can help turn a good idea, into a great one.

“Obviously any gift from a boyfriend would be appreciated, but unwrapping a gift that’s completely unexpected that happened to be hinted by someone I know, it’s pretty special,” senior Heather Bootka said.

She’s your girlfriend after all. Make it special, but it doesn’t have to be too special. We’re not talking diamonds here boys, but something that comes from the heart that we don’t see everyday.

So boys, take the time and plan in advance! Take a general idea and make it into a gift that your significant other won’t expect, or better yet, never forget.

And remember, it’s not about breaking your bank, but it’s about not breaking your girlfriend’s heart.

So boys get going, it’s time to make your significant other smile this holiday season.


When you think of getting a guy the perfect present for Christmas, there is an automatic generalization of having to purchase big expensive toys, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In all actuality we want something that reflects our personalities, or something that we will use day-in and day-out.

“The best thing to get us is something that is relevant, it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive just something that takes time and shows the person that you truly care,” senior Sam Williams said.

In a way, guys are just like the girls when it comes to searching for the perfect gift. If the girl tries hard enough, and the guy can see she put thought into it, they will be happy regardless what it is.

“Honestly, I would want anything for Christmas she wanted to give me. I’d take it and love it,” freshman Morgan Thompson said.

If this isn’t helping you girls out, here’s another tip. Most of us always have that one item that we wear or have on us everyday.

For instance, his favorite cologne or a fitted cap. Does your boyfriend love wearing a certain college team or a favorite brand?

“I wear a hat almost every day. Not just any hat, a red fitted cap. If my girl was to get me a new fitted cap, I’d be all over that,” senior Kevin Webb said.

But if that is not the case, girls don’t stress about it. Your gift to a guy could be something as simple as your time.

“Honestly all I want for Christmas is a day with her. The whole day, me and her, no interruptions. That would be the best present,” senior Mohamed Mohamed said.

So make sure you don’t stress out about how much it costs, or whether it’s a brand name or not. Honestly, you don’t even have to purchase a gift; you could just prepare one yourself.

“There’s nothing like a nice steak and potatoes. Set up a dinner for me. Who doesn’t love a girl who can cook,” sophomore Tyree Washington said.

So girls, remember that it’s not about price, but about the quality of the gift. Take the time to think about the things your boyfriend likes, so you can get him something that he’ll really enjoy!