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Order a 2018 Yearbook:

The 2017 Purgold yearbook is available to order online at Balfour Publishing website: 

Order early and save! Prices for the yearbook increase throughout the school year to help us know how many books to order from the publisher. Until Dec. 31, 2017 they may be purchased for $70 online or by paper form. Last chance to order will be Jan. 1-31, 2018 for $75.

NO ORDERS WILL BE TAKEN AFTER JANUARY 31, 2018. No extras will be ordered, but occasionally books are overrun when printed. Any extras will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis at Distribution Day at the signing party (date TBD in May 2018) for $80 cash only.

NAME STAMPING & EXTRAS ARE ONLINE ONLY: Personalization and other extras are only available via online ordering at

Download the paper order form if you prefer to pay by check at school:

We use registration mailers, posters, signs, Facebook, Twitter, phone calls, NTV announcements, the school website, and individual student notices to make students and parents aware of yearbook sales.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the Purgold and need help ordering, contact Balfour Customer Service at 1-800-944-5930.


Place a Senior Ad:

Show your pride and affection for your senior in the 2018 Purgold by purchasing a block of space or even a whole page.

Write your senior a special message and send in your choice of baby, childhood, and/or high school photos. A yearbook editor will scan all photos and design your ad for you, printed in full color. Layouts will be uniform and created by the yearbook staff.

Download the form here:

Or Order online here: Special yearbook+ad discount packages are available online only.

DEADLINE: Space is limited and sales will be closed when all space is sold or by Nov. 21, 2017 (last day before Thanksgiving Break), whichever happens first.

Please put student names on the back of photos. It will be your student’s responsibility to pick up all photos from Rm 219 after the yearbooks arrive (which will be about the second week of May, 2018). At the request of the publishing plant, photos must be hard copies. Photos may not be Polaroids or scanned prints on computer paper. Although we have not lost any in the past, please do not send a photo of which you do not have a copy.

Ads may be purchased by mail or students may bring orders to the yearbook room – MN 219. Please make checks and money orders payable to “NKCHS” and write your student’s name in the memo area. If paying by mail, your canceled check will be your receipt. Send payments to: NKCHS Purgold Yearbook (Attn: Mary Prichard), 620 E. 23rd Ave. NKC, MO 64116.


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