Winter Fashion

Fashion Club shares their favorite winter styles

Asia Cortez, Writer

Winter weather is here, and winter fashion is trending. Fashion club members and sponsors have some ideas for students.

We wondered how Fashion club sponsor Paola Mondello, supported students on experimenting with fashion. “I definitely try to encourage kids to like to create and think outside of the box, find other ways of doing things, and the ones especially with certain skills, there’s always going to be different outcomes. Also encouraging them that mistakes are part of the process,” Paola said.

Sometimes dressing for the wintertime can be hard, especially when you want to be stylish with it. We went around and asked students how they prepare to dress for the wintertime. “Currently, I am obsessed with hand and leg warmers.” Fashion Club co-president Jadelyn Smith said. “They are so cute. As a person who does not let the weather stop me from dressing the way I want, this article of clothing will probably help me stay warmer. So, for me, they are practical and stylish.

There are always the favorites and least favorites when it comes to fashion, especially this year. The most common are the different types of jeans, such as flare, baggy, straight-legged, and mom jeans. “As for my favorite type of jean, I would say I like light straight leg jeans with some added detail. Whether that’s a couple of rips or a cute pattern. In my opinion, it’s the easiest to style, it goes with almost everything,” Jadelyn says. There are also many other favorite pieces of clothing people like to wear during the winter. “If the weather does not change much, like if there is no snow, then I usually wear the same things I would in fall,” says another Fashion Club co-president, Has Law Eh Soe. “However, if it is a dress or skirt, I wear leggings with it. I also wear coats, but not overly big ones. They are warm but not so big. Some of my other favorite things to wear are boots and turtlenecks.”

When it comes down to it, finding clothing for the winter can be tricky, especially when you want to be fashionable with it. But there’s many ideas and inspirations to look into.