Karol G explores new avenues of production and themes in her fourth effort: MAÑANA SERÁ BONITO



Karol G in album photoshoot for Variety Magazine

Owen Baxter, Writer

    Carolina Navarro, better known by her stage name of Karol G, has easily solidified herself as a staple in Urban Latin music, despite having been in the game for less than a decade. To further amplify her status, came the release of her fourth LP, MAÑANA SERÁ BONITO (TOMMOROW WILL BE BEAUTIFUL). Thematically, the album represents the power of looking ahead, a fight against the melancholy and looming social issues in the world. This is only highlighted by exciting 808s and bubbly, but clear and soft vocal performances, something Navarro has always been known for achieving flawlessly. However, the record starts rather safe, as the first half dozen tracks are sonically very similar to the majority of Navarro’s discography. This quickly shifts though in “TUS GAFITAS”, (YOUR GLASSES) a purposeful pop tune, which, productively, is nothing like anything she’s put out up to this point, and it’s coupled with wistful lyrics about finding new love. From this point on, Karol G and her collaborators, like Pop Latino icon Shakira and musical newcomers such as Angel Dior, don’t let up on fresh beats and unapologetic self-confidence in their lyricism. The closing track, which is also the namesake of the album, ties the whole thing together in a sunny, enlightened bow of perhaps the most important part of staying above it all: staying true to yourself. “Toda la niebla fue un ratito y/Nadie puede apagar tu brillo/Porque mañana será bonito,” (“All the fog was [only for] a little while and/No one can turn off your glow/Because tomorrow will be beautiful,”) Navarro sings, with that same glow she assures listeners is theirs, and theirs alone.

Grade: A-

Photo Credits: Variety Magazine

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