“Falling in Reverse: Just Like You” Album Review

On February 24, Falling in Reverse released their new album Just Like You. The full album stream was posted to YouTube on February 17, just a week before its release.

The album gives a small inside look into the lead singer, Ronnie Radke`s, past and life. Through the songs` lyrics, Radke conveys his battle with drugs, his faith, society, and the loss of people close to him, including his brother.

In 2013, Radke`s brother Anthony died in a motorcycle accident, leaving behind a wife and kids. Radke`s struggle to deal with the death of his brother is conveyed in the slow ballad Brother, featured on the new album.

On the day of the album`s release, the band posted the music video for the song Just Like You, which currently has around 1,636,200 views.

The sound of the album as a whole has a reminiscent feel from Ronnie Radke`s time in Escape the Fate, especially with their new song The Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter). Radke`s battle to get sober after spending two and a half years in prison is explored in the song Chemical Prisoner, which is first on the album.

Overall, the album is a huge step up from their previous album, which featured a lot of rap by the lead singer. Pushing his rap to the side as a solo project, the songs on the new album feature numerous pop-like choruses as well as heavy hitting verses. Numerous musical genres are covered in the album`s sound and can be appreciated by fans of many preferences.

The band is set to tour for their new album starting in April with the band Ghost Town. Falling in Reverse is also playing the entire song-list from Dying is Your Latest Fashion, the first album Radke released as the lead singer of Escape the Fate.