Shall I compare thee to thy movie

From Harry Potter to Insurgent, The Fault in our Stars to Twilight. All of these books have been turned into motion pictures and have had a varying levels of success.

Often times, these movies are loose interpertations of the book from which they are based.

Movies derived from books have been known to change or alter both minor and major details.

As an example, the movie The Fault in our Stars has an iconic scene where Augustus Waters, a character from the story portayed by actor Ansel Elgort, confesses his undying love for the story’s main character, Hazel Lancaster, played by Shailene Woodley. Waters does so in the restaurant in Amsterdam, while originally in the book the scene was meant to take place on the plane to Amsterdam.

Students and teachers often take sides and argue which is better, the book or its movie. The majority of the time students will say that the movie is better without even touching or reading the book.

Comparing the Harry Potter books and their Harry Potter movies on sales prices over all seven books and all eight movies it was found the books brought in a total revenue of $7,743,000,000 where as the movies only brought in $7,216,000,000. In this case the books brought in all the money.

Some students and teachers often favor the movies because of their visual interpretation of the stories and reality and for that little bit of time the story becomes real.

“I like movies better than books because I have a hard time imagining things, and that just makes it easier,” said senior Savannah Weaver.

“You can watch movies over and over again,” she said. “I cannot read a book within two hours. I like books too because you can control them, the characters can look like whatever you want them to,”

Not all people feel that the movies are always better there are some students and teachers believe that the books are better.

“The movies are usually worse then the books are, there is so much detail in the books that the movies cannot recreate. Take The Giver for instance, the movie was horrible, but I love the book. It was nothing like how the story was suppose to be they changed it so much,” family and consumer science teacher Megan Hook said.

“Never judge a book by its movie” J.W Eagan said.

Books and movies are often very different from each other even though they are based off the same storyline. Its just a matter of opinion which is better, the book or the movie.