History of Norclay

Abbie Meinke and Whitney Johnson

Norclay has been a part of our lives at NKCHS since 1984. What many don’t know is that it was an elementary school before it became a part of Northtown. Before Norclay was updated in 2007, there was no gym, science hallway, or office where it is today. Northtown needed these updates because there was no space left in the original L-shaped building. With these additions to Norclay also came a big cost of $5.2 million dollars.

Before the renovation, there was no air conditioning in the building. It was finally added in 2002. Northtown started using the south wing of Norclay starting in 1984, and finally took over the whole building in 1985. Norclay replaced the former Dagg building, which could no longer be used for safety reasons, and upgraded to Norclay. Dagg was built in 1921. Not many students went to Norclay towards the end, so most just transferred to Crestview and Briarcliff.

“I had a wonderful time working with you on the Norclay project. Your design and willingness to explain things demonstrate your practice. Thank you,” said Asst. principle Deborah Delsemme to the construction company. Clearly, everyone loved the update to the Norclay building and enjoyed the new space.