Something Other Than College

Demaray Amaro, writer

Another option a student has after high school rather than college is the military. A few students at our school think it does take a lot to be in the military.

“I definitely think it takes courage. Also, strength mentally and physically. I think some people are scared so they pass it up,” said Steven Le.

Students going into the military are put through a number of tests and objectives such as mental capacity, health evaluations, and physical health. They must pass each of these to go into this field.

“It all depends on the person and their personality (if they are strong enough to complete these tasks and go into the military),” said Tristan Copeland.

To them it does take a lot to go into this field. The training to Jesse Percival was the hardest to withstand yet.

“During training, we did PT (physical training) strictly by the regulations. In basic, we lived in a bay with forty-seven other people with no privileges,” said Percival.

Students want to go into the military for a number of reasons. For Layne Campbell, he found his appeal through something different rather than Le and Copeland.

“I’ve always kind of been fascinated by it,” said Campbell, rather than Le and Copeland who both had family influences.

Each face the thought everyday of going to war at any given second. These students believe that they have what it takes to be in the military.

“Mentally yeah, physically no. I still have to train and learn,” said Le.

The transition from day to day life at school was difficult for Percival as he said later in the interview. Each one of them said that it does take a lot to be in the military but they believe it can be done.