What’s Their Story?: Olivia Farmer

Student Spotlight is shown on freshman Olivia Farmer for their talented artwork!


Olivia Farmer (9) stands for a photo, added in post are multiple of their different artwork advertising Hornet football games, spirit weeks and more for student council

Lily Patterson, Junior Editor

Olivia Farmer, a freshman, who has been noticed by many students and staff was nominated as a student who should be recognized. Their peers did this because they wanted to know who is making the art for the student council/leadership.

“I had originally signed up for speech and debate. But both that class was full and my other substitutes were full […] I was like, really nervous because I didn’t sign up for leadership and I had no idea what to do. But I just signed up for a random committee and that committee just so happened to be the one that handles communication. […] I just said like, the only thing I can bring to the table is maybe graphic design.” Farmer said.

As the first freshman to contribute to something like this in leadership this has shocked us all. Not only have they made art for the stuco social media, but they have also had their art chosen for the gold out 22-23’ shirts.

“I was very surprised. I saw like a lot of the designs they showed me and they were really good. And I like I don’t know, it was just pretty nice. It was amazing.” Farmer said.

Another big question that stumped us all was, what inspired Farmer’s version of our beloved hornet?

“I just like drawing types of anthropomorphous creatures, not like in a furry way. But it’s been ever since I started, like taking digital art seriously I haven’t really drawn humans. But like, when I was little, I used to just draw cats and stuff. And so I just kind of turned to that and I just kind of use that as the base to draw a hornet mascot.” Farmer said.