Northtown Library Resources

What does our library provide for you?



Students Robert Morrow Jr. and Luke Casebolt use our zenspace located in the library.

Lily Patterson, Junior Editor

Our library here at Northtown offers many resources for the students. These range from books to safe spaces for students to use. In total we have a collection of about 12,000 books and DVDs. We have fiction books, nonfiction books, memoirs, and graphic novels/manga. You can check out as many books as you want, for as long as you want but are responsible for whatever happens to them. There are several other things you can check out as well, such as cameras and a Cricut machine. If you need help looking for something don’t hesitate to ask the librarians. They are always willing to help and love to recommend new books. We also have a couple of iPads that can be used to access the library’s online catalog through destiny.

Most students go to the library during their ELA time but that is not the only time you are able to go down there. There are e-campus classes that take place in the library, while you also can go to the library during MTSS. During MTSS you are able to use many of the rooms they provide. These rooms include the Zen space, makerspace, and small group spaces.

An additional thing the library provides is our coffee shop, The Brickyard. The Brickyard opened at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year and started with just drinks. It now has soda, tea, coffee, energy drinks, snacks, and even school shirts. The Brickyard is now where our previous Zen space was before.

In our current Zen space “we have massage chairs, yoga mats, and Zen gardens with sand. There are lots of fidgets for people who get anxious or who are struggling. We have board games that people can check out and take to classes or come in here to use,” said Katie Pospisil, a librarian here at Northtown.

Another room we have is the Makerspace room. Makerspace provides a place for people to go and be creative. “We have a musical corner with an Oregon, some fancy drums, a tambourine, and a microphone with a speaker for singing. We have tons of art supplies and craft supplies. We have always had people coming in for poster paper, colored pencils, markers, glue sticks, all that good stuff. Another thing is Legos, we just have all these things you can fit together and build. We have knitting, crocheting, embroidery and even diamond art if you’ve heard of that,” said Pospisil.

Our librarians, Ms. Pospisil and Ms. Thomas sponsor three clubs, NKC book club, anime club, and disabilities awareness club. For NKC book club “we get together four times during the school year and because of funds from the Hornet hive, which is kind of the parent organization here. They give us money so that we can provide snacks and we also purchase the books that the group will read. And the people who participate get to keep the books,” said Pospisil. During anime club students go into the back rooms and watch anime on the TV and discuss their thoughts and opinions about it. While disabilities awareness club does exactly what it says, they celebrate and bring awareness to those with disabilities.

No matter what you need the library always has something for you. Whether it be books, coffee, or even just a place to relax!