Amnesty Weekends

Students love no homework, it actually happens!

Demaray Amaro, Writer

Each semester students have two amnesty weekends. They are the homework-free weekends administration decided students of north Kansas City high school desperately needed.

“It started this year for NKCHS but was an idea that one of Dr. Reed’s participants in an IB workshop had. I believe that participant had it at her/his school” said Dr. Chad Lower.

The idea originated from a diploma programme coordinator (D.P) in Canada. Which got passed to Dr. Jane Reed the international baccalaureate coordinator (D.P) at Northtown. She collaborated with Dr. Chad Lower who is the career program coordinator (C.P).

“The idea is to give students (and teachers) a homework/assignment-free weekend. Teachers were instructed not to give homework or projects over weekends identified as amnesty weekends” said lower.

The idea was only inflicted on students in the I.B. program due to the fact students state I.B. is more stressful.

“IB overall is a very difficult course load. It’s not just that the classes are harder, it’s the expectations on our shoulders. For me personally, I feel very pressured to perform at my absolute best.” Said Jacob Bohanon

Northtown is a school with a large diversity, each student is different. At the same time, each student who has class together gets stuck with the same work.

“Dr. Reed and I thought it would be nice to give those students who struggle with the demands of IB and/or with time management some time to catch up. Those students who don’t have those struggles could use it as a mini-vacation from homework/assignments” said lower.

The first amnesty weekend was the second weekend in October. From the 11th -14th each student and teacher took that break off of school. The unwariness of having to rush to get all the homework done for the next day.

“They really cracked down on focusing on giving those who could afford it a chance to breathe,” said Bohanon.

For many students, this break was helpful and needed to happen. As school progresses and time rolls on so do the piles of work. Reed and lower both have decided on having two amnesty weekends each semester. The numbers aren’t finalized but the more time goes on the more it seems as if they are.

“Originally, we thought the first semester would work well as students aren’t afforded as many school breaks as second semester. We will need to see how our second amnesty weekend goes (22-24 November) and discuss it with administration” said Lower.