Northtown Successes

An eventful year for Northtown


Volleyball playing in the gym Skyler Dodd – Photographer

Cay Tolbert, Writer

Northtown has done well for the 2019 school year so far. Activities like golf, tennis, volleyball, football, and band have all accomplished important things this year.

These activities have accomplished things that they haven’t in years past, things Northtown is proud of.

Assata Starks is the first person to go to sectionals in the history of Northtown. Even with how hard golf is, she continued to practice, getting to where she is now.

“I guess what made things so hard was the fact that golf is not an easy sport. If you feel bad mentally, it won’t help you improve your game like most other sports. You have to stay calm and focused, even if you are hitting a string of bad shots (which I did at times), but you have to be able to bounce back.” Starks said.

Tennis is another sport that worked hard this season. They finished 6-6 on the season with Coach, Kyle Cumberland pushing them to get better, not only on the court but in their life.

“It was a very hard-working group of ladies who worked hard all season long to improve their games and had lots of fun.  I was very proud of how they competed and represented Northtown.” Said, Coach Cumberland.

Volleyball also had a successful season. They went undefeated in conference, making it to the second round of districts. While it wasn’t exactly how they pictured it, they were still excited about how the season went. Coach Michelle Strack pushed them, and they worked hard to get there.

“We accomplished 1/3 of our team goals and it was winning Conference.  We fell short on our other two goals of winning a tournament and winning districts.  There were a lot of personal goals that were being met across the team throughout the season.” Said Coach Strack.

With another successful season is football, making this the second year of being conference champs. Even with their loss to Raytown, they still pushed on to become conference champs.

“The season went well we dig big things! It obviously didn’t end the way we wanted it to but I’m not going to hang my head because everything happens for a reason” Brian Pacheco said.

Band also worked very hard this season. With new people coming in and new people becoming captains, the dynamic was being shifted but not in a bad way. Jacob Bohanon, Brass Captain was excited for this season before it even began. While losing a lot of seniors last year would hurt most groups, they saw this as a challenge and took it head-on.

“A big roadblock we had to overcome this year was inexperience. We were a very underclassmen-heavy band, which means over-all we were more inexperienced than years past. This presented a whole new array of challenges to overcome, especially for the leadership.” Said Bohanon

All of these sports and activities worked very hard to accomplish everything they did this year. Through all the challenges and hardships, they continued to power through and go on to accomplish big things that Northtown can be proud of. With their coaches behind them pushing them, and the teams working together, they came out on top, no matter how their season ended.