Stay at Home(coming)

Unique circumstances mare usual tradition.


Alexis Reynolds

Homecoming Queen candidates stand with winner Mihn Ngo. From left to right, Daniela Vasquez Carrasco, Peniel Micheal, Kathy Huynh, minh Ngo, Mary Catherine Rechtien, Lilian Himmelberg and Ellie Super

Aurora Nicol, Writer

For the first time in American history, homecoming dances were sans the dancing and there was no homecoming. Maybe the theme could’ve been home staying?

The halls were decorated for a dance that never happened. A paper bridge appeared over a river, Disney characters danced across the windows, and streamers were whimsically hung from harsh concrete ceilings.
From September 28th to October 2nd the school was abuzz (pun intended) with spirit days and pride for the broadcasted football game on the second. Festivities included a dreamy vote by Google Docs, a mystical TikTok dance assembly shown live to all students, and finally a Queen crowning during halftime. Per covid-19 regulations, the usually packed and colorful homecoming game was much smaller this year- although students were still in the stands. New rules mean 2 tickets per on-field participant.

“I love going to the homecoming parade and game with all my friends,” said Homecoming candidate and STUCO president Mary Catherine Rechtien when asked about her favorite homecoming tradition. Of course, Mary Cate and the rest of the student body missed out on a parade this year. But a homecoming assembly was available to students on September 29 and October 2nd.

Homecoming Candidates had their usual group dances, except this year they couldn’t exactly be in a group or be in the gym. The student body watched the outdoor “assembly” from classrooms with boredom. After each candidate’s minute of dancing, the cheerleaders and Stringers performed before the homecoming royalty stole the spotlight to answer questions.

On Friday, October 2nd another assembly occurred. Outdoors once more, the school tuned in during fourth block. The live video began with the band playing a few songs before homecoming candidates were introduced once more, this time wearing gowns and suits. At the end of the assembly, David Pham was proclaimed homecoming king!
That same night was the football game. The finale of the week, the last jewel on the crown. To no surprise, North Kansas City High School beat Lee Summit with a final score of 20-36. The small crowds in the stands made as much noise as they could. Especially during a very important halftime- the Queen candidates lined up with their families in gorgeous dresses awaiting to find out who won the title of Homecoming queen.. According to the current Queen, it was an “Unexpected win”. Minh Ngo was awarded the tiara on the field that night.

“Winning homecoming queen is such an honor and blessing, it means so much to me. I already love my school so much that this is just another addition to the many reasons for me to love Northtown even more,” Ngo said in an interview about her feelings on winning Homecoming Queen.

“The freshman me would never have even thought about being nominated in the first place, so thinking that I might be queen is just crazy talk,” she said on how the last four years lead to winning. She continued, “If you talk to anyone who knew me three years ago, they’d say that I’ve really gotten out of my shell. I don’t think that I would be the person that I am now if it wasn’t for the amazing people at Northtown. Everyone is just so supportive and loving of me that I can’t ask for anything else. I believe that being kind and spreading positivity is what led me to win since I don’t consider myself popular at all,”
Mihn also brought up the diversity of this year’s candidates saying, “Having both the homecoming king and queen to be Vietnamese is pretty cool, I don’t think that has ever happened before, so I love the Asian representation a lot!”

We do too Mihn! Did you vote for homecoming candidates this year?