Lady Hornet’s Volleyball: Season Preview


Brennen Knabe, Writer & Managing Editor

Wednesday night, the Lady Hornets volleyball team began their season with a jamboree against their NKC schools rivals.


They started the night against Staley, and kept it close for the most part, but a slow start in the second set derailed their efforts. Some things remained evident, even in the loss.


Calissa Minatee is a force to be reckoned with. There are plays this young woman makes that are borderline unfair. That isn’t it, however, as players such as Kylee Estes, Samara Jones, Maddelyn Ottis and Yanni Washington showed savvy skills and a good feel for the game. They did the little things right, and that adds up.


Next, the Lady Hornets took on Winnetonka, in a matchup that happens far and few between, much to the distaste of fans. The Griffins hopped out to an early lead and rode another Hornets slow start to a 19-16 score. But, after a huge spike by Minatee, the momentum shifted firmly in the Hornets favor. Eventually leading to a set win, 25-23. The late comeback derailed the Griffins effort, and the Hornets swiftly and justly took advantage, taking the next set 25-16.


In their final action of the night, the Hornets played Oak Park, a rivalry that both students sections seemed to love. The Hornets broke the spell of rough starts, holding a close, but steady lead, through the first set. In the second set, however, the Northmen gained some momentum and the game remained tied at 21 a piece.


A good rally, followed by a huge spike by Minatee gave NKC game point, 24-23, and in good fashion Yanni Washington closed the door, helping the Hornets walk away with a 2-1 pre-season record.


The Lady Hornet’s will hopefully continue to ride the wave of momentum as they travel up the road to St. Pius X, on August 31 to start their season