Admin Pathways Plan for Students


Noar Al-Hamid, Writer

Student Pathways Plan (SPP), it’s a new program that our district is trying out for students to learn about self-management and planning skills. Skills that administration chose to have students focus on in the hope they will help with future success. The program views the student’s voice as the number one priority and with that they will provide a certain guidance to help the student get where they need to be. Pathways can apply with to any classroom setting.

There are four pathways, School of Human Services, School of Business, Leadership and Entrepreneurship, School of Design, Innovation and Technology, and School of Health and Wellness. The classes students take, whether it be Chemistry or American Lit will all count in the program depending on a students chosen pathway. Jamie Mcsparin, who is a college and career facilitator stated, “They’re still doing it all in their four classes. But we’ve added an additional class to learn some additional skills within that industry.”

North Kansas City School district hopes to make sure that their students are more prepared on what they want to do with their lives before graduating.