Students, teachers show support for LGBTQ+ youth

Asia Barnes, Writer

At North Kansas City High School, there has been even more support for the LGBTQ+ community. Students wear more pride apparel, which shows support for the community everyday they come to school.  

 Everyday even more students start to feel who there are inside. Pride clothing can include t-shirts, head bands, and even pins or stickers on a laptop or backpack.  

 Some students, like sophomore Gabriella Wood, have strong opinions about the subject.  

 “I think it is a better way to let people show who they want to be, I think it is a great idea to just let the community wear whatever they want, I think it is a better way to be there for the LGBTQ community,” she said.  

 Wood, who identifies as bisexual, feels that students who show pride through clothing help people in the community feel better.  

 “I think if we didn’t have the support system that we have now, I think the community would feel as if they would have nowhere to turn to, I think the community would keep everything hidden and never come out of the shell that they were in before,” she said. 

 Aside from other students showing support, Wood also feels that the staff at Northtown give students in the LGBT+ community help.  

 “I think that the teachers are a great support system, I think that if no one outside of school or even inside school supported them, then the teachers would be there to see how they feel, and not only see how they feel but also respect their choices on who they choose to be.”