Renovation at the Brickyard


Nabila Ahmed

The ongoing Brickyard construction within the library

Anna Davis, Writer

The Brickyard, North Kansas City Highschool’s brand new coffee shop, is currently closed because of some changes and improvements being made to its exterior.
The Brickyard has been a great addition to Northtown. Many students and staff enjoy being able to get drinks and snacks while studying and doing work. Lauryn McCann, who volunteers in the Brickyard, says that “It has been really great having access to coffee and more snacks at school whenever I’m feeling tired or hungry,” There have been some complications and difficulties in completing the plans for the coffee shop though. Now, even months after the Brickyard first opened, NKC’s coffee shop is still being worked on and finished.
A new counter is currently being implemented into the coffee shop and wood paneling is being added to the exterior that will hopefully make the Brickyard look nicer and more finished than the current white walls.
“Everything that is being done was in the original plans, however, due to availability due to Covid all this stuff was delayed,” says Mr. Johnson, the teacher who helps sponsor the Brickyard. “They did enough to get us up and going before school started, and this is making it visually more appealing.”
Due to these finishes being made, the Brickyard is currently closed. The improvements were further delayed by weather problems, but according to Mr. Johnson, the remodels are expected to be completed by November 8th. If everything goes according to plan, we’ll be able to stop by the library and pick up our coffee on our way to class again very soon.