Snow Days and New Winter Procedures

Winter season is here, and you might be wondering what it’s going to look like…

Asia Cortez, Writer

During the winter season, we tend to think about what the weather is going to be like, and the days we will get off. When it snows, we all wish our best for a snow day, and as we proceed to get one, we just add another day to make up at the end of the year. Yes, every time we have a snow day, we must make up that day at the end of the year and take away a day from our summer break. Sucks, doesn’t it? Well as the weather changes and the winter season starts to show more, it can get dangerous. Roads start to get slick, snow starts to fall, and the temperatures go down; we need to be careful and make sure are dressed correctly and we watch our surroundings.

Here are some procedures that we should follow and know about according to the North Kansas City Schools website: “NKC Schools’ goal, as always, is to ensure the safety of all during inclement weather events while minimizing disruption to students’ learning. If weather conditions or other unexpected, short-term events make it unsafe for students to attend in person, the district has several options: school may start two hours late, students may be released early, students may learn virtually, or in-person classes may be canceled entirely due to inclement weather.” Additionally, “the first three inclement weather days will be traditional “snow days” with no in – person or virtual classes. It is our hope that our students, families and staff will use these days to rest, relax and recharge!” and “beginning with the fourth snow day, if needed, we will implement virtual learning days.”

Administration is saying that we aren’t intended to get online to do school during the first three snow days and if we do have a fourth snow day, we will be doing virtual leaning. When we do have in – person school on snowy or cold days, us students and parents should follow and know these procedures as well according to the North Kansas City Website:

  • Dress your child to protect against wind and cold
  • Buses may be a few minutes late. Please wait as we safely run every route.
  • Alternate bus stops may be in effect due to road conditions. Bus riders on alternate routes are notified by Transportation Services via SchoolMessenger.
  • We respect your decision to keep your child home when the weather is questionable.

To conclude, winter is fun but can be dangerous, we just need to watch ourselves and our surroundings making sure we’re safe.