Cheer, Dance Bus Accident at HyVee Arena

Zoe Payne, Writer

On Monday November 15th, 2021, a bus carrying the NKC Cheer and NKC Stingers was involved in an incident in the HyVee Arena parking lot, in which a parking pole was struck, causing members of the teams to be struck against windows as well as the ceiling.  

Sophomore Leah Meng of the Stingers endured extensive injuries including a severe concussion, possible sprains to her elbow and ankle, neck and shoulder injuries, and bruising down her neck and hips. Members of both teams, including a coach, have been confirmed with concussions and other accident-related injuries.   

The North Kansas City School District Transportation Department had this to say on the matter:

“NKC Schools acted quickly to ensure student safety after a bus incident Monday at Hy-Vee arena. NKCHS staff met with students immediately after they arrived to assess any concerns. Any student who expressed any issues were evaluated on-site by the athletic training staff for NKC Schools. As an added safety precaution an email was sent to parents advising if their child had any symptoms the trainer for NKCHS would continue to be available to evaluate them. The following day, the school nurse checked on those students involved to provide additional support. The safety of our students is a top priority. NKC Schools is dedicated to providing safe transportation for our students.”