Seniors Wake Up Early For The First (and last time) All Year

The Annual Senior Sunrise Was Held September 2nd


Aurora Nicol

The Sun Rising Facing Towards The Bleachers

Aurora Nicol, Editor in Chief

This morning on September 2 the annual senior sunset was held. Every year seniors plan and gather on the football field to watch the sunrise on the morning of the first home football game. This year Student Council members Liana Wainit (12) and Adaline Verren (12) organized the activity.

Some students thought September 2nd was an odd choice for the event as there was no school, Wainit was happily surprised, “I thought it went way better than I expected. I know that senior sunrise took up a little bit of everyone’s day off, but seniors still came out and it looked like to me that they were having a good time together, which was the ultimate goal,” she said.

Students seem to agree, “It was super fun getting to hang out with my friends and eat donuts. Despite it being early it was worth it,” said Elandrea Baker. “I had fun due to the fact I got to share a moment with my fellow seniors that will last a lifetime in my memory” said Gerald Lewis (12).

Elandrea Baker (12) poses for a picture with her free donut provided by Student Council (Aurora Nicol)

Roughly fifty seniors came to celebrate the first home game and spend time with one another, students gathered in groups with their peers on the football field, some played spike ball others a guitar. When asked why they chose to come the idea of memory seemed common, “I’m a very sentimental person and I know these are the memories I’ll look back on and cherish,” says Jazzmine Brown (12).

Baker shares the importance of the tradition, “It’s a good way to connect with my class before we all go out different ways. Sunrises are a way to showcase the beginning of the day so I thought it was symbolic because it was the beginning of our senior year,” she said. Being an annual activity, underclassmen have the event to look forward to.

Towards the end of the year before seniors graduate and go their different way, as Baker would tell us, there will be a senior sunset according to Wainit- “Sometime at the end of the year. Sunrise and sunset is to symbolize the start and end,” she said.

Seniors celebrated not only their completion of the first two weeks of the new year but also this evening being the first home football game, the student section theme is ‘White Out’. The expectation is to wear white and bring baby powder.