Northtown Introduces New Club Policy

After Facing Issues with Clubs in Past Years, Northtown Changes Meeting Frequency

Caleb Goncalves, Writer

With the new school year just starting, North Kansas City High School brought some new changes along with it, such as the phone policy, e-Hallpass, a new club meetings policy.

Northtown admin decided that clubs can only meet once a month during MTSS, while in the past years they could meet bimonthly. Besides that, it was also decided that students will now have to request rooms and clubs on their own in Enriching Students at least a week in advance.

“When clubs were meeting several times a month, we would have too many club meetings in the same day and kids weren’t able to get involved in all the things they wanted,” Nicole Unsell said, a member of the staff MTSS Committee, “People who needed academic support were spending all their time at clubs instead of focusing on academics.”

This change has been causing issues for some students, though.

“This change might negatively affect clubs, as now it will be harder for them to be known by the students and to get their activities going,” Karla Ramirez (11) said, an officer of chess club and member of many other clubs.

A lot of other schools only allow clubs to meet up after school, and clubs in NKCHS are still allowed to meet as much as they’d want after the school period as well.

 “A lot of students, including me, wouldn’t be able to attend many meetings after school, because of sports and jobs.” Ramirez said.

 This new policy was made with good intentions, but it has become a problem for some students.

However, Unsell is hopeful of this new policy, “Only time will tell.”