The Brickyard Review


Aurora Nicol

Illustration of a coffee cup

Lily Patterson, Writer

On August 27 the Brickyard opened in the library. It is a student ran coffee shop, they have an assortment of drinks and food. Such as coffee, hot chocolate, tea, gum, and muffins. Their prices range between $2-$3.  

The Brickyard is perfect if you need a snack or something nice to drink in the morning! The line can get a bit long, but things tend to move very fast. A personal favorite about it being in the library is the opportunity to read/study while enjoying my coffee. The atmosphere really brings everything together.  

So far, I have tried their French vanilla cappuccino, hot chocolate, earl grey, and jasmine tea. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to try other drinks because of the machines being down, which is a reoccurring issue in the shop. When the machines are down, they are only able to produce black coffee and teas. The cappuccino is very creamy and has a bit of a bitter taste. It is definitely stronger than a latte or mocha. So if you aren’t into sweet stuff I would definitely go for that. The hot chocolate is my favorite thing they have. It is Denny’s level of hot chocolate. It is very rich in flavor and isn’t watery like many other places. It took a while for the teas to grow on me, but I really enjoy them. The earl grey tea has more of a citrus flavor and the jasmine has a heavy floral taste.  

 They are working very hard on trying to get the machines up again. I have heard they are going to do seasonal stuff too. So, I would be on the lookout for those when the time comes around!