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SUPER: Album Review

Jão’s innovative forth album comes breaking records
Jão’s album cover for SUPER

Jão, whose real name is João Vitor, is a Brazilian singer who’s been in the industry since 2016. His first album got released in 2018 and ever since then he’s focused his music on melancholic pop. Recently, he released a new album named “SUPER.” The album charted high on Spotify Brazil, breaking the record of most streamed album in Brazil in the first 24 hours released.

Jão has released four albums, each representing one nature element that fits with each content. SUPER represents fire, which fits well with the album. His past music was mostly suffering for the past disappointments in his love life, having lyrics such as “I kiss any mouth, plan something, just to not remember that I still love you” and “who do you think while kissing me? Some pretty guy in the TV? In a lost love?” However, in SUPER, Jão has a confrontational, intense, somewhat angry, and sensual style – although still having some melancholic songs blaming himself for errors in past relationships. That is why the album fits with fire, being strong, dangerous, and the most distinct from the other elements, as is this album.

This album is eclectic, in the sense that it’s a mix of different emotions in each song. In “Se O Problema Era Você, Por Que Doeu Em Mim,” “Eu Posso Ser Como Você,” “São Paulo, 2015,” and “Escorpião” Jão sings on how their ex-partner destroyed their relationship, making it clear their end was never his choice, but rather caused by the wrongs of the ex-partner. Lyrics such as “I want you well my ass, I’ll end you,” “I learned how to hurt you in your own game,” and “My god, you swore you would take care of me” show the angst and indignation that his ex-partner caused him, with a bit of a revenge tone.

This album also brought more sensuality than any of his earlier albums did. “Unfinished discussions, our prohibited videos: it’s all in my house” and “you want your pride and, love, I just want to lick you” are some lyrics, between many others, that show off a personal side of Jão that’s not always so clearly presented.

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However, one of the most explicit points in this album is the full disclosure of Jão’s sexuality. In his three other albums, there was one song (in the third album) that brings up men in a romantic sense. However, in SUPER, Jão mentions in many songs being with other men. That’s shown in phrases such as “I did it cause I can, I did it cause he wanted me” and “from all the boys and girls I’ve loved, I chose you,” where he brings up a queer side casually, which he didn’t before. As a matter of fact, this last lyric is a reference to the song “Meninos e Meninas,” the one queer song in his third album, where he says: “my heart is big enough to fit all the boys and girls I’ve loved.”

Together with the sensuality and sexuality, romance also comes along in a few songs such as “Alinhamento Milenar” and “Gameboy.” That makes this album a rollercoaster of emotions, switching from angst, sensuality, romance, and revenge nonstop.

Besides all the mixed feelings in this album, one common trait in all songs is obvious: this time, the fault is all in Jão’s ex-partner rather than in Jão himself. As said, his other three album consists more of Jão suffering about his ex-partner, singing about his longing, his own mistakes, his desire of a romance; this new album is all about what the other person caused, not Jão. Overall, this album is worth listening to and quite interesting.

Grade: A

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