Hornets Volleyball V Raytown South Recap

Mary Gerend, Writer

After a close loss to St. Pius Tuesday, the Lady Hornets volleyball team looked to redeem themselves against Raytown South, Thursday night.

The Lady Hornets had a strong start in set one. A key play was made by Calissa Minatee, who tipped the ball the center of the court, which was left uncovered by Raytown South. This kill led Northtown to regain the serve, where they scored another point to seal the first set, 25-10.

The second set started out rough, with Northtown down 11-18. Once they regained the serve, Abbi Schweisberger had run of 6 straight serves to put the score at 17-19. It was a brutal back-and-forth between both teams, ultimately resulting in a 23-23 tie. A kill by Yanni Washington set the score to 24-23, and the set was finished by an ace from Kizzie Washington.

The lady Hornets started the third set out strong, leading 12-7. The lead snowballed to 24-11, featuring kills from Minatee, Y. Washington, and Kylee Estes. The final point was scored by K. Washington, who aced Raytown South’s libero.

“I think we had a lot of good energy tonight, our serving was really, really good, and we sided out a high percentage, so that’s what got us a win,” assistant coach Tyler Gralheer said.

Lady Hornets volleyball will make their next appearance at Belton on Tuesday, September 7th.