NKC Comes Alive vs Fort Osage


Brennen Knabe, Writer & Managing Editor

After a big win at Central last week, the Hornets looked to keep the ball rolling and pick up a big home win over the Fort Osage Indians, who came into the contest ranked #18.


As mentioned in the preview, the Hornet offense was cause for concern, however, even as early as the first quarter that was thrown out the window, as JJ Johnson and Chase Porter made connection after connection for first downs.


Further swayed by the defensive performance in the secondary, and the instantaneous pressure by 5-6 Hornet defenders on every play, this game felt nowhere near as close as the scoreboard read.


The Hornet defensive registered 12 sacks, and even more tackles for loss. Fort Osage quarterback Greg Menne was running for his life the moment of the snap, and running back Chris Olvera, who going into this contest had run for over 100 yards in each of his first two games, was held to less than 50 on the ground.


To summarize the Hornet offensive performance in one play: 3rd and 30 inside the 10-yard line. That line is not a typo. Chase Porter isolated on the strong side. Porter quickly got the step on the corner and his speed won the battle from thereon out. 90-yard touchdown on a beautiful outside throw. Touchdown.


That play sealed what felt inevitable the entire second half. In a game of momentum NKC held it for most of the game, especially after a first half 2-minute drill with NO TIMEOUTS was capped by yet another Johnson-Porter connection.


This was the performance NKC fans waited for, and to hold this would prove enormous as the season progresses.


The Hornets look to keep the streak going next week against the #14 Platte County Pirates (2-1) in a rivalry renewed. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Brickyard once more!