NKC falls to Platte County


Brennen Knabe, Writer & Managing Editor

Football isn’t always forgiving. The underdog doesn’t always win, and neither does the best team. Every team has their night. Friday was not Northtown’s night.

In the first quarter, on the offenses first drive, JJ Johnson threw an interception, marred with controversy. Friar had 2 defensive backs draped over him, and an offensive pass interference was called. From that point on, it felt as if the Hornets just couldn’t get it done offensively.

Defensively, in the first Platte County relied on a series of quick short hitters to progressively move down the field and evade the Hornet pass rush. Not without hiccup, Platte County ended the first quarter with a 7-0 lead.

Platte County quarterback Jared Parsons had success finding receivers over the middle, and had completions to 6 different receivers, most in the second quarter, where he ultimately found his tight end, Tristen Magnusen in the endzone to widen the gap.

After a few drives in which the Hornets found success in the power run game, they just couldn’t find a way to close the gap, and were held scoreless in the first, 20-0.

The third quarter was the quarter that the Hornets offense began to heat up, picking up multiple first downs before stalling out. Consistently, the offense fell just short of scoring. The defense, however, picked up the load. Not allowing much through the air or on the ground, leaving both teams scoreless in the half.

The fourth quarter was no statistical epiphany. The Hornet offense stalled on 2 drives in Pirate territory, and the comeback felt less and less tangible as the time ticked on.

You must credit the Hornets. Despite a less than ideal offense performance, there’s plenty of time to fine tune the details. The Hornets sit at 2-2 with 6 guaranteed games to go. The game moves on, and the Hornets will too.

As of now, the Hornets are set to play Staley next Friday, at the DAC. However, Staley did not play this week due to COVID, and it is currently unknown whether this game will be played. More information will be available soon.