Student Council Plans for This Year’s Homecoming

The Homecoming Committee Shares Ideas for the Theme and Spirit Week.

Owen Baxter, Writer

With homecoming just around the corner, that being October 1st, the Homecoming Planning Committee has a lot in the works, especially with this year’s theme, Music Through the Decades.

“I feel like music just brings everyone together,” Aisha Ahmed said, (12) a member of the Homecoming Committee’s Decoration Planners, “Anyone could dress up as they want from their culture or a part of music they like.”

            This year theme takes a lot of inspiration from last year’s, which was ‘Around the World.’

            “Like, this school is very diverse. Including, like last year’s theme, we have so many cultural backgrounds, but all together in one,” Ahmed said, “And it’s, it’s music. There’s so much you can do.”

            In addition to a unique theme, the Homecoming Committee came up with fresh ideas for spirit week, which is the week of homecoming.

“Right now, what we’re doing specifically is helping the spirit week committee,” Nayeli Garcia said, (12) another member of the Homecoming Committee, “And this year, we’re doing [music] genre wars instead of color wars. We thought it would be more, like, original.”

However, the ideas for homecoming aren’t set in stone.

“We’re always willing to take ideas.” Calissa Minatee said, (12) a student who has been an active member of STUCO, and has helped with homecoming planning this year, “I’ll admit, we haven’t been the best at like, you know, I bet most people didn’t know that anyone could come to our meetings and discuss. I didn’t know that.”

            The best way for students to give their ideas is by going to Student Council meetings and contacting the STUCO sponsors.

            “I mean first things first, email Mr. O’Keefe. He always knows what’s going on. […] So just go to the meetings. Ask for and give ideas. And always give feedback.” Garcia said.