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E-sports and gaming!


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Getting paid for doing what you love!

League of Legends is an online multiplayer play versus player game; currently it is the most played game in the world. But now it is considered a E-Sport. The best players from around the world play against each other and win cash prizes. Over 15 million dollars were distributed from tournaments from the company Riot. League of legends isn’t the only game people are getting paid for to play! Other games include Call of duty black ops 2, and Dota 2. Games are evolving and becoming sports, making peoples dream come true.

Even now Brands like Coca-cola or sponsoring esports and advertising at big game labels. Millions of people tune in to watch these players play these games, you can see them all on I have seen up to 300,000 viewers at a time watching professional players do just what they love.  I think soon games will be taking over the sports industry and making an evolution of technology. One day I would love to be one of these professional players as I do enjoy this game myself.  pic of league

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E-sports and gaming!