To Next Year’s Freshmen

Students offer advice to the future Northtown students of the class of 2018.



Walking into school on the first day of a new year can be scary, especially when it’s the first year of high school. Even harder when that school has multiple buildings and a football stadium in the middle.

Most students’ first days as a freshmen are both exciting and confusing. Maddie Warman, a sophomore, said, “My first day of high school was really fun. I remember getting lost on the way to a class, but I learned quickly where everything was.”

The idea of having a campus with classes in lots of different buildings can make Northtown seem a little intimidating, but usually it’s easy to get the hang of it after a few days. Freshmen Tierney Stuart said, “my first day was not as terrifying as I thought it would be,” while Warman said that she “remembered getting lost on the way to a class, but learned quickly where everything was.”

Some upperclassmen had good advice to offer to students, especially on how to make the most of the next four years. Caitlin Noe, a senior, advised students, “Don’t be lazy. Start developing a good work ethic and don’t procrastinate!”

Procrastination can be a huge problem for students if it gets out of control. Sometimes students feel that the two-day block schedule makes it easier to procrastinate. However, waiting until the last minute to finish homework, projects, and study can make grades slide and cause lots of stress.

“Procrastination makes you work harder, and causes more stress than you actually need,” said Michela Caravella, a sophomore in the Gold Medallion program. Sometimes, however, it works, “If it looks done, it’s all good, you’ll get full credit,” said Olivia Ellison.

Other students have more advice for incoming freshmen. Common themes included studying, paying attention, and purchasing an all-important tunnel pass.

“Don’t stay in your bubble. Be open to change, because you will experience a lot of it,” said John Paul Ameryun, a junior, “Join as many clubs or activities as you can.” Junior Matthew May added, “Don’t miss class, and make sure you study at home.”

Some advice was aimed more toward having fun at Northtown, though. Tori David and Greg Roberts, both juniors, said to “keep the making out to a minimum and keep the flow going in the hallway” and to “make sure you pay attention and take really good notes, especially in history.”

Finally, Noe added, “make sure you renew your tunnel pass every semester!”