Hornet News over last 4 years

Anna Thomas, news editor

It’s about that time seniors! With just weeks before graduation, seniors take a step back in review of their four years in high school.

“I still feel like a freshman sometimes so it is weird to think that I am leaving soon,” senior Karolina Kosinska said.

The last four school years have been filled with many new renovations, such as the locker rooms and the auditorium, educational controversies, and of course, larger issues that affect everyone, like the staph epidemic.

The biggest changes at Northtown has been the renovations over the course of 2007-2011. The first to change in December of 2007 after a donation by the Ronald G. Henderson Memorial fund was the field house’s scoreboard. The new one now proudly illustrates the words NKC Hornet.

However, that was only the beginning of Northtown’s remodeling. Soon after, the front entrance of Norclay was remodeled and became the easy access and adorned entrance that students use today. Then right inside, the Buzz mart was created and put in.

Next was the ever popular locker rooms at the end of the football field which were finished by 2008. Costing a whopping three million dollars, the locker rooms added a newer, useful side to the historic stadium.

Sports were not the only ones to receive a new addition to their field. In 2009, the new auditorium was finished, enlarging the stage and adding new seating.

Finally, last year, North Kansas City Alumni worked with the school in order to put in the brick yard right outside of the stadium. It honors all students new and old, allowing their names to stay in the school forever.

However, renovations were not the only big events over the last four years.

Students have encountered many drills and lockdowns, such as this year’s scare about the threat, but also worldly events that affect students locally.

In 2007, freshman year for the now graduating seniors, was when the staph epidemic was unleashed.

Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, was a form of the staph infection that haunted the weight rooms of schools everywhere.

Northtown recorded three official cases of MRSA among it’s students.

Besides these events, no student will forget the controversy over the schedule changes, especially seniors who fought against the board.

With the end so close, seniors are finally able to take a break and realize that not only has so much changed within these years, but that these changes and events have had their personal effects as well.

“I remembered being thrilled about the new auditorium since everything I do in this school has performances in the auditorium, so fixing it up was like fixing up my home away from home,” senior Jesse Carleton said.

While the seniors have been at Northtown to live through all of the modifications and events, everything is about to be just memories.

“Even though I’m ready to go, I know I’ll look back on my high school years fondly,” senior Taylor Ayers said.

As will the Hornet Buzz, which now features a look back at the last four years in honor of the 2011 graduating seniors.