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Farewell Notes from your mentors

Teachers have a few words to say to their fellow graduating seniors:

From The Theatre Teacher:

Dear Class of 2011,
I can’t believe it is time to say goodbye to this class.  I have truly enjoyed working with this class in my theatre class all four years.  You have created some amazing theatre during your stay here.  Best of luck in your future education and endeavors.  Keep a positive attitude, keep working hard in vocation and vacations, and have a fulfilling life.

Another From A Coach:

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WOW, four years goes fast!   The next five will go even faster.  Don’t miss on opportunities as they present themselves, embrace your future and your life.  As you transition from high school into the “real world” remember some of the more simple things:

– Be kind

– Be respectful

– Be tolerant

– Be honest

– Work hard

– Have fun

– Be you!

There are endless opportunities in front of you, college, work force, families, and paths that are not so positive.  When you look back at this time when you are my age (old) have no regrets, set a course and embark on it, and accomplish and reach those goals.  We wish you the best of luck, and encourage to explore, succeed, and excel!

 Via con dios!

-Chad “Coach” Valadez

And From The English Teacher:


he old Confucian curse is “May you live in interesting times.”  Well, congratulations–all indications are that the world is on the threshold of very interesting times indeed.  For you, the issue will be how to hold onto your own stars when existence itself becomes problematical.  The best advice I can offer is to join a Zen monastery toot-sweet or begin in some other way to identify your being with your own still center (which is that place at which the universe begins to look like you) because the sooner you develop the ability to ride even the most turbulent wave while remaining centered, calm and at-one with the moment (which contains all creation), the more gratifying your experience will be.  Life is a miracle, after all, and it will be no less miraculous when we run out of oil and fresh water and nuclear weapons are in the hands of zealots who worship death and you can’t find a job.  Even in the dark moments, remember, something glorious and radiant is shining through.  Find that and you’ll be okay even when you’re not. 


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