“Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live”

Angela Chavez, staff writer

Trends. Call them ugly, tacky and even trashy. People can talk all they want but everyone bought these at some point.

People either hated them or loved them. They passed endless days and nights begging their parents to buy them for Christmas or their birthday.

Once they got a job, they would work every available shift during the holiday to receive the big fat paycheck to buy a new pair of Uggs to show off at school during second semester.

Now that they think about those times they would do just about anything to be with the current style, they also think of all the money they spent and wasted on unnecessary items that have come and gone.

Headbands, jeggings and Sperries are some examples of recent trendy items. But can anyone remember their friends wearing sweatpants and Uggs? How about leggings and short jean skirts?

Trends are specifically targeted toward high school teens.

Most teens find that begging to their parents does not work anymore, and decide that a job is the best way to satisfy that need for items that will have no further use but to fit in with the everyone else.