Teacher Profile: Mrs. Prichard


Mary Prichard: Journalism Teacher

Mary Prichard, an 8-year journalism teacher, views her job as a creative way to work with students.

In her words, “My job is a lot of fun because I get to work with creative students.”

She gives a lot of energy into her job, which makes it very fun and interesting, but through it all, you actually learn things about cameras and journalism that you didn’t do know before.

Mrs. Prichard enjoys what she does as a part time teacher, but when she’s at home she enjoys what she’s doing there as well.

When asked “ Do you enjoy teaching every A day?” she answered “Yes, I like being a part day teacher because I get to hang with teenagers and adults on A days, but on B days I’m a stay at home mommy. It’s good to have a balance.”

Even though Mrs. Prichard has a decent amount of students she wishes to have more.

“I’m always happy to have more students in the classroom, students should sign up for journalism.”

Mrs. Prichard enjoys what she’s doing and plans to continue for the upcoming years.

Amelia Fee, a student of Mrs. Prichard, said, “I enjoy the class. It provides a welcoming environment.”

Amorah Tate, another student stated, “I like the class because I get to learn about cameras for next year. I like the way she teaches because she is nice. Prichard is a great journalism teacher but most importantly a great person.”