Teacher of the Year Nominee: Mr. Bailey


Mr. Bailey is a History teacher who has been nominated for teacher of the year. This is his 9th year of teaching at Northtown out of a total of 15.

Bailey started teaching history because he likes “being able to clear up misperceptions people have about history and misunderstandings.” He definitely accomplishes that goal during his lectures and his students aren’t afraid to ask questions.

When asked why he thinks his students have nominated him for Teacher of the Year, Bailey said, “because they know I am giving them a quality education, yet still fun and entertaining.”

Sophomore Benny Nguyen agreed with his statement and said, “Mr. Bailey makes lectures fun and you end up learning a lot without realizing it.”

Throughout his nine years of teaching here at Northtown, Bailey said, “I like the students that I have the opportunity to teach and I like the traditions.”

His students appreciate his enthusiasm in class and have shown that appreciation with this nomination.