Pua Hall Gets Scholarship

It’s the time of year that can’t come soon enough for most people. It’s May. The school year is almost over. And for the seniors, a chapter of their lives is closing and most have picked where their next step is going to be.

Pua Hall has made her decision. She will be attending University of California, Los Angeles, or UCLA, with a gymnastics scholarship. Yet, her journey to the school hasn’t been easy.

“UCLA was like a dream school. But at the time I was being recruited, they didn’t have an open spot on the team,” Hall explained.

Due to this fact, Hall and her family went to visit a number of other schools, one of them being the University of Arkansas, where she then accepted an offer. It wasn’t until two days later that she heard that a spot on the UCLA team had opened up and they wanted her.

She then called Arkansas, telling them she was having second thoughts before she officially changed her decision and agreed to attend UCLA.

Hall stated that the decision between the two schools was extremely hard, and she fought with loyalty to her community and the school that she originally signed on to. But in the end, she’s happy with the choice she made.

“I’m glad I did it,” she stated. “The second I set foot on the campus, I knew. It felt like home without it even being home yet.”

Once she had finally made her decision, Hall said it “felt like what should have happened a long time ago.”

UCLA has an NCAA Division One gymnastics team. They have won six NCAA national championships, and have won 18 regional titles, 9 in the past 10 years alone.

Pua is most excited for “being a part of their legacy.”

With that she has a few goals set for herself and for her team in the upcoming years that lay ahead of her.

“I want to help the team win at nationals,” Pua said. She continued on to say that she would like to take home a few All American awards herself.

Pua will start school in August for the last part of summer school. But the fall semester doesn’t start until October.

“I’ll be leaving late July or early August,” Hall stated.

As of right now, her major is still undecided. All she knows is that she wants to work with people, yet she is confident that once she starts taking classes, she will know what she wants to do.