Pre-IB Freshmen Study Techniques for Finals


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Surprisingly, most Pre-IB freshmen at Northtown don’t have many study techniques. Interviews show that most students usually end up cramming and getting a bad grade.

There are a couple good techniques that can prevent these grades.

“I plan on studying a little every night,” says freshman Morgan Cawthon who is currently in Pre-IB.

Some other freshmen have the same plan as Morgan while others don’t.

“I usually plan on studying a couple nights before a big test but usually end up cramming the night before,” says an anonymous student.

Whether a student is aiming for an IB, Gold Medallion, or an other diploma, a lot of freshmen students have found themselves in this same situation.

Freshman Carolyn Klamm says, “I review my notes the night before and the block before of my finals.”

Although this technique may seem easier and more practical than studying over a period of many days, test scores show that cramming for a test the night and block before isn’t a good study technique and especially shouldn’t be done on finals.

Some students may skip most studying before but some worry about the exams and spend hours reviewing for the final.

“What I like to do to study for finals is make a study schedule. Depending on when a particular final is, the amount I study changes,” says Mariah Thompson.

She then explained how if one final is sooner than another, then she will study for it less. This technique is very common for freshmen. People don’t have unlimited time to study and studying less for the earlier finals seems like a common choice to make.

“I just have to repeat the info as much as possible and drill it into my head,” says Tierney Stuart, a visual learner.

This is a common technique for this type of learners. Visual learners usually learn better by reading the information over and over and visually memorizing how the words are organized on the page.

Since I am also a visual learner, I plan on making notecards over any topics I still need to memorize and fill in my study guides. I am also going to read over the most of the homework I have been given year long.

Yes, we may get lazy sometimes and not want to study, but you’re better off using good techniques to study otherwise you might be taking the class again next year.

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