This land… is our land

North Kansas City High School is not only a unique campus, it is also a campus full of unique individuals. Noted as being the most diverse high school in the state of Missouri, Northtown is home to roughly 1500 students.

Many students have agreed that the caliber of diversity in Northtown is not only special, but also very important.

“[Diversity is important] because we live in a globalized country and world, and I think that our school is a good representation of that,” explained senior Ogo Agali. “We accept people for who they are here.”

To highlight Northtown’s diversity, Agali, who is sponsored through the National Honor Society, created what is known as multi-cultural week; during this week, students exhibit their cultural traditions and customs in the library during lunches. Each day during the week is designated toward a specific region. Those who are from that region then display their different cultures and traditions to those who attend the event.

“I think [multi-cultural week] is a great way to learn about other people and experience what they experience,” explains Agali.

The school’s diversity is important to others as well; “it makes me feel part of something special because we get to experience all these cultures that wouldn’t be at other high schools,” commented Hannah Turpin, a senior.

Recalling her early school years, Turpin further explained that at her school, Crestview Elementary, “we had all the flags of all the kids, and it made [cultures and diversity] more serious. They appreciate the diversity that those students have,” she said.

There are many reasons why students believe that Northtown’s diversity is important. One of those reasons is that exposure to different cultures benefits not only individuals, but a society as well. More people who have knowledge about other cultures and lifestyles can contribute to ultimately help create a more understanding society as well as educated individuals.

“I think to be a well rounded person in life, you need to understand other [cultures] and you need an understanding of other’s lives,” explained senior Donyae Thomas.

Another student, freshman Brendon Lemoine, also believes that understanding the lives of others is important.

“I know someone who is Islamic, and I might have had a rude impression of them,” said Lemoine. However, his opportune friendship allowed him to develop his own opinions. Lemoine expressed that, “the tradition that the family follows is pretty amazing, and the religion is pretty cool too.”

Northtown offers many opportunities. One of those opportunities is to help develop a unique understanding of the world. In a high school that is so diverse, it is easy to see that, “people are pretty much the same, just different faces,” said Lemoine.