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New assistant principal makes good impression

New assistant principal makes good impression

A new assistant principal has joined the NKCHS staff this year. Todd Hinnenkamp, the former assistant principal of Winnetonka High School has transferred to Northtown.

“Due to the restructuring of District resources, me and another high school administrator will be utilized in different schools this year,” Hinnenkamp said.

He has been a high school administrator for nine years, an assistant principal for six years, and a principal for three years. With his busy schedule, he is also currently working on his Doctorate of Organizational Leadership with an emphasis on Instructional Leadership.

Hinnenkamp may be new to NKCHS but he is certainly not new to this type of job.

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“I feel blessed to work in yet another school that includes great students and staff. There are so many traditions here that play a part in how we do business and that makes it a truly unique experience. I hope that we as a staff can employ creative, engaging, and proven strategies to reach our goals for our students and school,” Hinnenkamp said.

Transferring from Winnetonka, however, does bring new challenges and opportunities.

“There are a number of differences between my last job and my current job. For one, the open-campus creates some unique opportunities (or difficulties, depending on how you look at it) for young people to develop responsibility. The student population is slightly more diverse and I have found that rewarding,” Hinnenkamp said.

Staff members have been working with Hinnenkamp for quite some time now and they are pleased to have him as the new assistant principal.

“I admire his experience and his patience. He definitely has a lot. He easily de-escalates situations if needed. He certainly knows his job very well,” Becky Jones, Main Office administrative assistant, said.

Hinnenkamp has also been coordinating not only with teachers and the administrative staff but also with the security officers.

“He is very professional. He knows his job very well with helping the students. He is also easy going. He doesn’t get excited, he stays calm and I think that when he stays calm, the others around him will also stay calm,” School Resource Deputy Michael McNamee said.

Hinnenkamp has been in this line of job for years but like other staff, he has things that he likes and dislikes about his job.

“I have been impressed at the skill level and passion of so many of our teachers. I have been equally impressed with the raw natural resources we have in our students,” Hinnenkamp said.

Not only is the staff impressed with Hinnenkamp, but he has been impressed with the school staff members and their dedication to the students.

“In addition, I sense a growing commitment from our staff and our school district to better prepare students for academic success both during their time at Northtown as well as during their post-secondary years. I think we can be more than we currently are and so many people here have told me they feel the same and that’s been inspirational,” Hinnenkamp said.

While he loves many things about his job, he is sometimes frustrated by the things that distract him from what he feels is the main goal of his position.

“The only thing that I have found that I dislike about this job and it has been the case in every administrative job I have held, is that there are a number of things that can easily take my time away from my most important responsibility – supporting and coaching great instruction in the classroom,” Hinnenkamp said.

His main goal may be to support good instruction in the classroom, but he also wants to help the students.

“My goal is to support the students and staff at North Kansas City High School as we work to improve our students’ graduation rate, preparation for college, and performance on the ACT and End-of-Course Exams,” Hinnenkamp said.

With his busy schedule, Hinnenkamp wants to give his best, to reach all of his set goals.

“I plan to achieve these goals by continuing to learn, because I have found that there is so much information and research available that can be helpful to educators. I continue to be committed to building relationships with students and staff based on integrity, honesty, and a dedication to helping people be successful. I will also continue to support and coach instruction in a manner that will help students learn more,” Hinnenkamp said.

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