Locked in: School prepares for new security measures

Carson Light, staff writer

A new parking lot policy has some people feeling more like they are prisoners than students in Northtown’s lots.

The new policy states that all students trying to leave school in their cars will need permission to leave campus.

The back parking lot gates will be closed and locked for the duration of the school day. Along with the new locks, multiple police officers will be on guard watching for any people trying to leave school early.

“Our main concern and focus is on the safety and well-being of all students and faculty here at Northtown,” assistant principal Bart Bates said.

Regardless of the reasoning behind the new policy, many students are flustered.

“I think the new policy is stupid; by the time students are driving, they don’t need to be babysat. And it is dumb because I have a marketing internship and I don’t want to have to deal with checking in and out with police officers,” senior Collyn Schafer said.

Junior Bryce Reid agrees with Schafer.

“I don’t like the new policy because if I have a personal emergency or need to go home, then I should be able to leave,” Reid said.

Students should start parking the correct parking lot now, because the new parking policy goes into effect at the end of September.