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Voters make wrong choice with Republicans

Voters make wrong choice with Republicans

It is official, the Republicans have taken over the House of Representatives.

After months of mid-term speculation, it has happened.

Welcome to America, where we give Democrats two years to fix the worst economy since the Great Depression. Where struggling families vote for the party that wants to suspend unemployment benefits and repeal health care.

Let’s be honest, liberals did not vote in this election and the country will suffer the consequences. And if I seem bitter, it’s because I am.

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After two years of Republicans filibustering any bills the Democrats proposed, Republicans finally got what they wanted – power.

The Republicans are sore losers and that is what it comes down to, they didn’t win the House or the Presidency in 2008 so they refused to better our country.

Republican House member John Boehner will take charge as Speaker of the House, and begin implementing the Republican agenda.

Now that they are back in control of the House, they are going to do things their way, which could end up compromising the good of the American people.

The Republicans openly admit to wanting to repeal health care, which is beginning to help millions of uninsured Americans, and also wanting to suspend unemployment benefits that provide thousands of families with a steady income as they look for new jobs.

It should be a simple thing to want to help struggling people, but Americans are so concerned about themselves that they lost the initial thought this country was founded on – unity.

Republicans keep moving further right, and expect Democrats to meet them in the middle, which is no longer the middle. It’s impossible to compromise and the Republicans openly admit to not being willing to compromise with the Democrats, because they are scared we’re socialist.

Liberals need to be less concerned about trying to reach across the aisle and create bipartisanship because the Republicans definitely are not trying.

This back and forth arguing isn’t helping anyone; it’s time Democrats step up to the plate and get things done, with or without Republican help.

Americans obviously do not know what is happening in the country. The economy has grown in the past five quarters and the Stimulus Bill saved a lot of people from losing their jobs.

Honestly, I don’t want people who want to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in charge. I like my air clean and my environment healthy.

I don’t want people who think Obama is Hitler in charge because no president deserves that much lack of respect.

I don’t want people who think Obama is a socialist in charge because he’s not. He’s increased the Pentagon budget and kept the troops in Afghanistan.

In the end, we screwed ourselves over, as we put the people who created this mess back in charge.

Here’s to hoping we vote differently in 2012.

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