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Not everyone loves Valentine’s Day

Who doesn’t like to be given presents to show appreciation and affection from others?

To some people, Feb. 14 is as special as a birthday or Christmas.

Any holiday in the calendar means business for restaurants, and Valentine’s Day is a perfect example.

Restaurants are booked throughout the day and stores are loaded with chocolates, and flowers on sale for people to buy their love birds for that special day.

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But what if you don’t have a special other for that day? Or don’t feel that Valentine’s Day is worth it?

“Valentine’s Day is just another commercial holiday. It also gives you an excuse to eat either because your valentine gave you food or you’re using food to make yourself feel better. Food therapy for depression?” senior Sydney Manning said.

Valentine’s Day. It can either be the most romantic day of the year which can be spent at the movies or a nice restaurant with your loved one.

Or, you can stay home while digging on that quart of ice cream and watch a chick flick.

Feb. 14 has taken a turn to be an awful day for teens in our generation who are single during the hyped-up holiday.

“It’s good as long as someone cares enough to give me something, otherwise it’s miserable,” senior Christina Shackleford said.

Wouldn’t you also say that it has turned into another holiday that has lost its complete significance and now revolves about giving?

But, it is not established in any shape or form that Feb. 14 is only meant to be spent with someone closer than a friend.

Some take a different approach and have fun by giving out cards and candy to close friends in school or at work.

Despite the bitterness Valentine’s Day tends to bring out in most of us, we must remember that it is not just a holiday to show off who is single or not, but rather who appreciates you and who you appreciate back.

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