Pals before gals: Relationships when the guy is in a bromance

Pals before gals: Relationships when the guy is in a bromance

Anna Thomas, news editor

A bromance is a special bond between two guys that can usually last through rough times, but problems arise when a female enters the picture.
“There are no words for the bond it describes,” junior Jacob Gutierrez said.

For others, bromance is just knowing that someone is always there for you.

“It’s when two guys are in close proximity for an extended period of time,” junior Joel Roney explained.

Regardless, a guy’s bromance can sometimes interfere with a romantic relationship.

Girls agree that their boyfriend’s bromance can often be a struggle against them for time and attention.

“It’s difficult at first because he always had time for ‘the boys’ and none for me,” said senior Alex Beauchamp.

Senior Karolina Kosinska had a similar situation, but most of the time she just found it humorous.

“The situation is kind of nice because it’s my best friend and my boyfriend, but sometimes I feel like a third wheel,” Kosinska said.

Although bromances can put strain on the relationships between couples, the girls don’t believe that bromance and a relationship are impossible.

“We’ve worked it out,” Beauchamp explains.

Also, the boys argue, bromance is made into a bigger deal than it actually is.

In television shows and movies, the relationships are often blown out of proportion, when in reality they aren’t too unlike the relationships between females.

“It’s like when girls hang out and their menstrual cycles are all together,” Roney said.

It’s easy to pick on guys for their relationships, but it doesn’t stop them from enjoying it.

“Bromance is like being first in line at Chipotle when they bring out a fresh tray of steak,” says Roney.