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Tennis looks forward to districts

The Boys Tennis team started off their season well. This year, the team has 39 players which has been the most number of players the team had over the years.

“We have 39 players this season. There is a big variety between their skill levels which makes it interesting because around twenty to twenty-two players have never even played tennis before,” Assistant Coach Jeffrey Lacy said.

The coaches decided not to cut players this year, to train future players. There are six Varsity players, six JV players and 27 novice players.

“We have a big team this year and I like it because I look forward to playing with my friends and meeting new people,” junior Bao Nguyen said.

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Because of this year’s increase in number of players, the coaches have been trying their best to help all the players.

“After school, we go to the courts, strectch, do our drills and play matches. This year, we are focusing on strength and skills so we also go to the weight room to lift weights. This is the first year we’ve done it, and it’s working so far,” Berkland said.

So far, the team only had three matches this season. They won against their first two matches against St. Pius and Liberty North and lost against Park Hill South.

“Novice hasn’t had a lot of games, but it’s stressful for me because I’m used to contact and hitting people. It’s really difficult but it is also fun at the same time. I love the people and I love the coaches,” senior Dominic Avila said.

On May 11-12, the team also participated in a community service for Special Basketball Tournament in Staley.

“There were about 15 players that showed up. We went there and help run the concession and we also cheered which the guys enjoyed. We had a good time,” Berkland said.

Although practices are intense, players also try to have a good time.

“Since most of the players haven’t played tennis, I make them enjoy and like the game first before doing the drills and trying to improve their skills,” Lacy said.

Along with the coaches, the team also has managers that help them in disciplining the boys and cheering them up during matches.

“Guys tennis team is much more intense than girl’s that’s why it’s not as fun. Sometimes, they goof around during practices, but they’re boys. But they take their matches seriously, manager Kimberly Pham said.

The returning and new players have one goal this year and that is to improve and beat their last year’s record.

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