Soccer ready for Districts

Soccer ready for Districts

Takin’ control Senior Mackenna Nolan plays hard on senior night by stopping all Ruskin attempts for a goal

Stormy Allen, guest writer

Lady Hornets never give up. The team has more losses than wins this season, but they are still holding their heads up high.
“I think the season is going really well,” senior captain Malaysia King said.

King will always say the girls are doing well whenever they have an opportunity to stomp another team.

“We ended up stomping out Tonka really bad,” King said.

The girls beat Winnetonka 3-0. Two goals were scored; one by Julie Beck, and one by Ashley Henry.

King feels the transition of players from JV to Varsity is really helping out the team, along with the leadership class they all took.

“I feel the leadership class really helped us come together as a team,” said King. Sophomore Marissa Landes , one of the JV transition players agrees.

“The class helped make us positive.”

After the leadership class, the girls listened more and worked together.

“We’re like a family now,” Landes said.

Their last regular season game is May 15 at Ruskin High School, and then Districts will begin.