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Top 5 back-to-school fashion trends



Ear-stretching had made its way into the classrooms of Northtown. Gauges can be found in all different sizes in the ears of all different kinds of students.

Junior Hunter Smith said “I love being able to put random objects in my ears, like pencils.”


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Back in the day socks with sandals was one of those things you just didn’t do. Now, it’s common to find guys in the hall wearing multiple pairs of socks with shoes and sometimes even with sandals.

When asked what drew him to the trend, senior Grayson Gist said, “More socks, more swag.” He also reasoned that socks are necessary with sandals “because if people see your feet getting all sweaty, it’s gross.” Once a fashion faux pas, multiple socks with sandals is now a functional trend.


A current trending hairstyle is the partial shave. Sophomore Alex Smith has had hers since August.

When asked what drew her to this trend she said, “I wanted a mohawk, but I have no balls and I love this haircut.”

Junior Ashlin Taylor has had hers for about two and a half years. She said that she initially shaved it because she had thick hair.

However, she also said, “It looked bad growing out. I hate it, and it makes one side of my head look bigger than the other.”

The partial head shave is definitely an eccentric trend, however it’s also a big commitment.


This year at Northtown it seems like our campus is full of Germans. Junior Frederick Reidel is one of them. When asked his favorite part about being German, he replied with “Mercedes.” There is a stereotype that Germans make the best cars, which is why Frederick loves being a part of it. Whether you’re from Germany or of German ancestry, being German is arguably the best back to school trend walking the halls of Northtown.


Recently, little stripped pieces of bird have been making their way into girls’ hair everywhere. Mrs. DeVries, the IB counselor, has been seen around the school with a piece of bird in her hair too.

When asked what drew her to this trend she replied with, “My hairdresser suggested it and I take all of her suggestions.”

DeVries went on to say that she loves her feather but her favorite part about it is that “Mr. Hinnenkamp loves it.” As odd as it may seem, bird feathers are adorning hair everywhere.

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