Fashionista or fashion-nada?


Endia Moore, staff writer

As the weather gets hotter, students find a cooler way of expressing themselves through fashion. Cute or not, warmer weather fashion is always judged on a scale of trashy or classy.

Junior Celine Pinkney gave her words of wisdom when she said, “Think about it before you put it on. Let’s be respectable to our bodies.”

I completely agree with that. Express yourself how you want but you should always be cautious and respectable towards yourselves and be classy. For example, people should not be able to see your bright colored or animal print bra through your shirt.

“I think people want to wear brighter, shorter, more revealing clothing when the weather gets warmer. In shorts, your behind shouldn’t be showing,” said senior Roosevelt Broome.

Besides short shorts, I also highly doubt it is necessary for everyone to see your bra straps. It does not look cute, classy, or anything of that sort. Also, people should be aware of their body type. Certain things just are not meant for all body shapes. You have to find what fits you.

Finally, finding your style means being yourself! Just because others wear certain things does not mean you have to.

“I would say the Toms and old indies look is definitely in style and I don’t think girls should be judged off of what they wear,” said junior Mikaela Bengimina.

No matter what you decide to put on in the morning or how you look, remember to stay classy Northtown!