Making The Grade

Senior Class of 2012- D: Last year’s senior class kept things around here interesting and lively. Sadly, I really can not say the same about the class of 2012. Do a senior prank for crying out loud and by senior prank I don’t mean flamingos in the front yard of the school.


Teachers- A: Our teachers are great at doing their job and educating our students. Not to mention putting up with students’ late work.


Prom- B: There is only one word I can use to describe this year’s prom: Interesting.


Tattoo and piercing trends- C: Tattoos and piercings are becoming a huge trend. Some look great however, if you don’t make sure your words are spelled right you will be screwed for life… and everyone will laugh at you.


Exhibitions- A: This years exhibitions were intriguing and informative. For some people, they are also a good excuse to get out of class.


Dress Code- D: I was not aware that we could wear jean panties to school. Does the dress code even exist anymore?