Three ways to stay cute, yet stay warm


Layers are an essential part of staying warm in winter. However, the layers don’t always have to match. An extra long sleeved thermal or pair of shorts under your outfit can make all the difference.


As the colder weather rolls in, a great challenge arises: how to be look cute without freezing to death. Luckily, this can be accomplished without having to buy a whole new set of winter clothes.




The most obvious way to keep in the warmth is layering. Layers trap the heat and keep the cold from getting too close. Layering tops can add color and texture to any outfit. However, you can also sneak in a layer or two under a long sleeved shirt or jacket to stay warm and since it’s underneath it doesn’t always have to match.




This one is mostly for girls. Tights are wonderful when it comes to being cute and warm. Not the thin hose or leggings, but actual thick tights that can keep your legs warm. They’re a great alternative to wearing jeans everyday. Thick tights allow you to wear skirts, dresses, or even over-sized hoodies and still be warm.



A large percentage of your body heat is lost from your head and your feet. In cold weather, hats and socks are absolutely essential, even if they don’t always fit the outfit you want to wear. The trick is finding something that looks good on you, that you would want to wear. Taking the extra time to find a hat that suits you is worth it. Finding the socks that are comfortable but also keep you warm is worth it too. Instead of thinking of hats and socks as just necessities, think of them as accessories.